I'm a career & money counselor.I enjoy recruiting talent for a variety of roles that I currently work on. Additionally, I love helping people navigate their careers via my straight-to-the-point 30 minute counseling calls.I'm also Certified Public Accountant and have a Masters in Taxation from Georgia State University.In 2017, my net worth was -$38,000. In other words, that was how much money I owed on the credit cards that I used to pay for graduate school.In 2019, I paid off all my credit card debt, haven't carried a balance since. Now I'm focused on maximizing my earnings, savings, and living life to the fullest.

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Why don’t I share my exact net worth?Because fundamentally, I’m very private.Therefore, I need to strike a balance between giving credible financial advice & telling my story to inspire, whilst maintaining a level of privacy that is priceless to me. The most important thing to note is that the only credit card debt I ever accrued was used to pay for graduate school (which improved my life), I worked diligently to pay it off and I haven't had credit card debt since.So, as I have undoubtedly increased my earnings and investments, I'm richer today than I was last year and will strive to trend in that direction. Therefore, the actual figure is irrelevant, especially as I make no claims that need verification.Why did I pay for graduate school with credit cards?I didn’t have a choice.As a foreign student in the US, I wasn’t aware of any loan options applicable to non-resident aliens, which I was at the time. We didn’t have $38,000 cash, so I spread the payments over a couple 0% APR for 12 months credit cards.After graduation, I got a job, started earning money, then paid it back as quickly as I could - it took exactly 2years to pay it all off, in September of 2019.I haven’t carried a balance on my credit cards ever since.Why am I passionate about teaching everyone how to write a resume?We don’t spend 10 years at one company anymore.The average person will change jobs every 18 - 24 months. In order to change jobs this often, we have to apply to at least 10 roles over a two year period.If you’re doing something this frequently, you ABSOLUTELY need to learn the tools necessary to execute it successfully.You can learn exactly how recruiters and hiring manager like it and that’s what I teach in my 5 Step Resume Mini-Course (currently being developed).My ultimate goal as a counselor is to empower people to maximize their potential.

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